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Hindsight proves the value of timeshare donation for young couple

You wouldn’t know it from the media stories, but most owners are happy with their timeshares. According to ARDA reports, of the six million or so timeshare owners, nearly five million of them are satisfied. On the other hand, by deduction, that means that more than a million of them aren’t satisfied.

So who are all the frustrated and sometimes furious timeshare owners that you see in the news? Of the million or so unsatisfied owners, it is unlikely that many of them actually became unhappy with their timeshares until they tried to sell them. Until then, these owners, like the five million currently happy ones, probably enjoyed their timeshares immensely. After all, timeshares often offer much nicer accommodations than the average vacation experience. (Think: kitchens with cookware, cupboards stocked with plates and utensils, extra bedrooms for the kids and other homey features that set them apart).

couple considers the cost of timeshare

That’s what happened to Megan and Kyle, a couple from Arizona. They bought a small timeshare in the Poconos as a romantic ski getaway. However, things changed and they became a growing family (perhaps, thanks to all those romantic getaways) and needed more space.

At first they were willing to sell their smaller timeshare in order to buy a larger one. Since they had originally purchased their timeshare for more than $20,000 they thought they could sell it for about the same. However, that’s when they got a rude awakening. They discovered their timeshare was worth only pennies on the dollar. Worse, they were scammed numerous times trying to unsuccessfully sell their timeshare—paying hundreds of dollars to bogus listing companies that promised big results but delivered nothing. To top it all off, they didn’t use their timeshare for the entire three years they tried to sell it—yet they still had to pay their annual maintenance fees.

The couple ended up donating their property to Donate for a Cause.

“Ironically, we contacted the charity towards the beginning of the process,” says Sally. “It when we first started realizing how hard it was to sell. We were ready to consider donating, but after hearing that we had to cover the costs of the transfers in order to make our donation, we decided to try harder to get rid of it ourselves. That was a mistake. We could have saved ourselves at least two year’s worth of bills, scams and headaches. ”

Donate for a Cause actually provides owners with a special calculator to help them determine the real cost of trying to sell a timeshare yourself. If you’re an owner looking to get rid of your timeshare, click here and see if donation isn’t the best option for you. Link to calculator.

Valentine’s Day is the New Generosity Day: 6 Ways to Celebrate

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a celebration between two lovers; it can also serve to spread your love in many charitable ways.

The Case Foundation reclaims Valentine’s Day as “Generosity Day,” a loving day to be selfless and kind, to give without expectation and to be generous by default. The act of giving overwhelms the heart with love and happiness, so this Valentine’s, share your love generously with the charitable ideas below. Want to give back as a couple? You can still indulge in the traditional V-Day; get some deliciously sweet treats for your guy or a bouquet of red roses for your gal and go volunteer together.

Spread Acts of Kindness

Even the smallest act of kindness can brighten someone's day and inspire more unexpected kindness to spread. Something as simple as buying a stranger a cup of coffee can leave you feeling more fulfilled than you ever would have expected. Bring homemade cookies and chocolates to work for co-workers and include a special message of appreciation; set aside time write a letter to a long-distance friend or family member; whatever you do, do it with love and a smile.

Donate a Dinner

Rather than go out to an expensive restaurant on Valentine's Day, cook dinner at home (like the romantically red penne pasta in a roasted beet sauce), then donate the money you would have spent on dinner to Feeding America, a non-profit organization and nationwide network of food banks. On the website you can donate directly and also learn about hunger in your community.

give to others on Valentines Day

Help Grow a Garden

If you receive (or send) a beautiful bouquet of roses, spread the natural beauty by supporting the American Community Gardening Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing community gardening and greening. You can support the ACGA mission by donating online, buying ACGA publications for the community gardener or signing up for the philanthropy program AmazonSmile.

Give to the Homeless

This year Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday, and many couples may dream of a romantic weekend getaway. Postpone your trip for a summer vacation and instead help someone who's homeless or in need of basic essentials. Homeless Shelters Directory shared a list of supplies for the homeless that you can donate to a shelter in your city. has also compiled this list of 35 ways to help.

Make a Senior Smile

If you're feeling lonely on Valentine's Day, find yourself a friend for the day. Many seniors in assisted living facilities have no one to share the day with either. Visit to discover volunteer opportunities at local nursing homes and share quality time with a senior. Simply chatting or playing games with a senior or listening to their story can give them happiness and good health. You may just end up making a new friend and become an ongoing companion.

Go On a Play Date

The most idyllic Valentine's Day is typically a romantic date with a special someone, but what about having a play date with your favorite kid? Plan a rendezvous with your niece, nephew or even neighbor to bake Valentine's Day treats like cookies or cupcakes. You can also create a Valentine's Day package decorated with red paint, pink glitter and heart stickers—filled with candies and handcrafted goodies. Kids can give the baked treats or box (or both!) to their parents, teacher or another special friend.

Putting an End to Child Homelessness

In the United States, one in 45 children experience homelessness every year, reports American Institutes for Research (AIR). Based on this rate, it is estimated that 1.6 million children are living without a place to call home.

Of all industrialized nations, America holds the title for the highest homelessness percentage in adults and children. Homeless children face the following issues:

  • They are twice as likely to go hungry than children with homes.
  • They are ill four times as often than non-homeless children.
  • Their emotional and behavioral problems are three times more than children who reside in homes.
  • Violence, poverty and neglect play a significant role in these children’s lives, and by age 12, 83 percent of all homeless children experience some kind of violence.

donate your timeshare to help children

These staggering statistics present alarming and dangerous consequences for these children, and our assistance is necessary. By donating time and money to specific charities, we can all play a part in lowering the number of children who suffer from homelessness. Here are three charities that make it their mission to address child homelessness:

1. StandUp for Kids

StandUp for Kids is a national nonprofit charity whose mission is to eradicate youth homelessness. Started in 1990 in San Diego, StandUp for Kids has centers all across the United States. This organization helps kids ages 13 to 25 to learn basic life skills like improving communications skills, study techniques, goal setting and behavioral management.

Additionally, in the outreach centers, they offer services that homeless children may not otherwise have access to such as meals and snacks, mail services, laundry access, education services and a computer lab so that the children have devices to study, prepare for the GED or explore the Internet. This organization also extends their reach to homeless children at night by sending trained volunteers to identify at-risk youth and offer them immediate assistance.

2. Covenant House

The mission of Covenant House is to open doors for homeless youth. Once the volunteer helps with basic needs, the plan becomes to develop a long term program. They offer holistic assistance, job training and enrollment in a charter school. One unique aspect to this national charity is that it encourages business professionals, CEOs and other high profile individuals to sleep on the streets for one night to raise awareness. These public individuals then can talk about the perils of youth living on the street.

3. The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Started in 1867 with the primary goal to do the most good. This mission reflects the assistance that they offer to homeless families with children as well as to youth that are on the streets. They provide several services including group homes, emergency shelters and transitional living centers. Other facets of their program include combating human trafficking and setting up after-school programs for kids whose parents need to work later.

There are several ways to assist homeless children including donating your time or money to any of these organizations. We can help end homelessness in this country by extending our reach and embracing America’s children.

Charity Spotlight : National Autism Association

Stuck in a time share? Consider donating it. Donate for a Cause on FOX News 4

Do you feel stuck in a timeshare you no longer want, or have use for? Timeshare divestment can seem like nothing but trouble when you hear about the timeshare industry in the news. In just the last month no less than 4 criminal outfits have been convicted of timeshare resale fraud, bilking consumers out of more than 20 million dollars!

Crazy right?

DFC continues to be a bright spot in an otherwise shady world of timeshare divestment.

So you bought a timeshare on a whim and now, years later, you want to get rid of it? FOX 4 Problem Solver Linda Wagar explains how dumping a timeshare can lead you into a minefield of potential scams and checks out a new way of unloading that vacation property without getting taken to the cleaners – by donating your timeshare with our organization.

You can watch the video here:

If you haven’t already contacted one of our agents, call today, 1-877-822-2873. They can provide valuable information on the service we provide and recommend the best course of action for you if you are serious about getting rid of your timeshare.

We know your time is valuable, that’s why we created a brief webinar that explains timeshare donation and the benefits you’ll receive when you choose to divest of your timeshare with us:

Or check out our FAQ page where we answer the most commonly asked questions about timeshare donation:

3 Worthy Causes That Save Threatened Wildlife

As giving season approaches, you may be wondering where to send your charitable dollars. Do you support your local soup kitchen or a colleague racing for the cure in Cleveland? Do you collect books to send overseas or make a donation in someone’s name as a gift? The options are endless and substantial, with many worthy of your hard-earned dime. If you’ve narrowed it down to preserving nature’s threatened wildlife, here are three causes to consider:

National Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation is designed to work with hunters, gardeners, scientists and families to preserve America’s wildlife for future generations. Devoted to improving federal and state policies with millions of acres of wildlife conservation in mind, NWF is partnered with nonprofit organizations in nearly every state. The federation focuses on protecting wildlife and helping habitats, but also strives to connect kids with nature. Its programs feature activities aimed to inspire kids to explore outdoors, help wildlife and actively contribute to nature awareness in their community.


  • One-third of U.S. species are at increased risk of extinction, and many already listed as threatened or endangered.

NWF Solution:

  • Defend and strengthen the Endangered Species Act, advocate for increased funding and hold federal agencies accountable.

How You Can Help:

  • Adopt an animal, remember NWF in your will, connect on social media.

African Wildlife Foundation

Started in the 60s as the African Wildlife Leadership Foundation, AWF has seen much growth and success in the last 50 years. Together with the people of Africa, the foundation’s mission is to “ensure the wildlife and wild lands of Africa will endure forever.” AWF has designated priority landscapes in areas across the continent, including in countries such as Namibia, Rwanda, Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda and Zimbabwe. More than just a group of environmentalists, the foundation marks its way with scientists, lawyers and policymakers who work with regional governments to tackle localized issues. In particular, AWF assists elephant populations, which are native to 37 African countries. With a current ‘vulnerable’ conservation status, the elephant population is at approximately 470,000.



  • Elephant ivory is coveted by humans, and reproduction rates can’t sustain the population at current poaching rates.

AWF Solution:

  • Give elephants more room to roam, while educating and training the community to care for elephants.

How You Can Help:

  • Donate, become a member, or simply spread the word

World Land Trust

With projects in Mexico, Chile, the United Kingdom, India and Vietnam, World Land Trust is committed to saving threatened habitats worldwide. The organization works with regional partners to empower local non-government organizations to operate and succeed on their own. This includes supporting local expertise development while encouraging sustainable development, no matter how small the scale. To be successful on all fronts, World Land Trust aims to help projects and the people who start them become financially independent.


  • The rare caucasian leopard, documented in Armenia in early 2013, is threatened by uncontrolled hunting and destruction of natural habitat.

WLT Solution:

  • Increase research and monitoring, enforce efforts to eliminate illegal hunting, and raise awareness.

How You Can Help:

  • Donate, buy an acre, plant a tree, fundraise in your school or community.

Creative Commons image by sarahemcc

Donated Timeshares Aid in Disaster Relief for the Philippines

BOZEMAN, MT–(Marketwired – November 18, 2013) – The nation’s top timeshare donation charity just granted $75,000 for disaster relief in the Philippines.

Donate for a Cause gave $25,000 each to Feed the Children, UNICEF and Doctors without Borders for their humanitarian efforts in the Philippines after a Typhoon devastated the country, killing more than 2,360 people and injuring more than 3,850 as of last count. “In light of this recent tragedy, we wanted to extend financial assistance to charities helping out in that region,” said Virginia Babcock, president of Donate for a Cause.

“The current situation in the Philippines is devastating, and UNICEF is working around the clock to help children and families affected by Typhoon Haiyan,” said Leslie Goldman, Vice President of Program and Community Engagement for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. “Donations from our partners are critical in supporting our efforts to provide relief in the Philippines, as well as to save children’s lives around the world.”

As featured on NBC’s Today show, Donate for a Cause takes unwanted timeshares on donation, converts them to cash and gives the proceeds to other non-profit organizations. These include some of the nation’s best-loved causes in the country, charities like American Cancer Society and National Foundation for Cancer Research. At the same time, Donate for a Cause gives timeshare owners a tax receipt, worth up to $6,000.

While UNICEF and Doctors without Borders are first-time recipients of grant money from Donate for a Cause, Feed the Children is an established partner and has received more than $70,000 from DFC in the past. Last year Donate for a Cause gave about $400,000 in grants to their partner charities and other non-profits. This year they are expecting to give more than $500,000 in grants by the end of 2013.

“We’ve seen significant growth in donations in the last three years allowing us to make a larger impact in national charities,” Babcock says. “It’s nice to be able to help out when disasters like this strike.”

feed the children

How to Choose a Charity to Support

The options can be overwhelming when you are looking for a charity to support.  According the World Giving Index the USA is the most charitable nation on earth; in the USA there are over 1.5 million registered charities. With so many worthy causes looking for donors how do you decide which charities warrant your support?

The amount you give won’t matter unless you make sure your money gets to the right place. Besides avoiding the fake charities out there, there are many legitimate charities you may want to avoid because they are wasteful or ineffective with their funding. It’s worth doing a little research to make sure your hard-earned dollars are put to good use and you make a donation that truly benefits a cause you believe in.

How do I find the right charity for me?

Start by identifying some of the causes you’d like to support, say blindness, education, or wildlife preservation. You can use websites like, myPhilanthropedia (a division of GuideStar),,, and Charity Navigator.   Take a look at a charity’s mission. Does it inspire you? Does it speak to your core values? Or perhaps a cause is close to your heart.  Maybe your mother battled lung cancer or your nephew suffers from autism, then you are naturally more compelled to contribute to a cause you have personal experience with.

Another great resource is the the annual Forbes list of the country’s 200 largest charities which contains a wealth of information, including information on how efficient a charity is with their funding.

Don’t forget your local churches, synagogues, or mosques. Most religious organizations maintain a 501(c)3 status, making them an excellent and obvious choice to donate to.

Click here to see the exceptional charities Donate for Cause works with.

[caption id="attachment_781" align="alignleft" width="300"]Find a Reputable Pet Charity Looking for a reputable animal charity? Follow our tips to find one that deserves your support![/caption]

Verify how a charity spends its money

Once you’ve narrowed your selection review the charity’s financial reports to be sure they’re administering their donations effectively. Charities should be upfront about how donated money is spent and be able to provide you with an IRS form 990 that describes the charity’s finances.  A legitimate charity will make these s financial reports available either via request or a listing on their website. Find out what it takes a charity to raise one dollar. If it’s over sixty-cents, you should dig a little deeper and find out why. If a charity is in a start-up phase they may be spending more outright on marketing costs to get their name out. An established charity should be able to demonstrate lower numbers and better financial efficiency.

The following sites can help you research potential charities: gathers and disseminates information about every single IRS-registered nonprofit organization. They provide a wealth of information from a non-profit’s mission, to their governance, and so much more. GuideStar awards seals of approval to those charities that meet their criteria for transparency and accountability.

DFC receives a Silver Star rating from GuideStar!

Charity Navigator, is a free service that analyzes and evaluates over 5,000 charities in the United States. But you probably won’t find an analysis of smaller, local charities on this site. Charity Navigator only reviews those charities that have over 1 million in earnings.
Charity Navigator enables you to search charities by name or by cause, such as childhood hunger or cancer. By grading the charities they list you can easily see if an organization you are interested receives top-ratings for transparency and fiscal responsibility.

A good bet for smaller, local charities is checking with the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance, which evaluates a many of the small charities operating nationally.

Your Cause, Your Choice. You get to decide how you give.
Giving really comes down to a matter of trust. You want to give your money to a charity you can trust. Giving can be an incredibly rewarding addition to your life and these 5 simple steps can help you make a choice you can trust and support an organization that helps make our communities better places to live.

Follow this link to read about some of America’s worst charities and the unscrupulous practices many use to solicit funds:

The Pros and Cons of Timeshare Donation

pros-cons-timeshare-donationIf you are a timeshare owner caught between the decision to keep your timeshare or donate your property to charity here are few important points you’ll need to consider. The pros and cons of timeshare divestment really come down to this: who can you trust to successfully divest you of your timeshare liabilities for the best price?

Here’s what you’ll want to consider

Pros: By choosing Donate for a Cause to handle your timeshare donation you’ll enjoy our professional,  fast,  and streamlined transfer process. If your property is eligible for the program then you are guaranteed the successful transfer of the timeshare out of your name. Timeshare donations can be tax deductible and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you helped your favorite charity.

Cons: None that we know of! Our 10 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers makes us confident that this is the best exit option for owners 99% of the time.

Or you can choose a rescue companies to divest of your timeshare. Rescue companies must be carefully vetted. When you do  find a legitimate transfer company be prepared to pay a large fee,  typically upwards of 4K . Don’t forget: you get zero tax benefit when you dump your timeshare.

Your final option is signing up with a timeshare listings service. These companies advertise your timeshare on their website for  a fee for which they agree to promote your timeshare and generate leads.  But watch out for high listing fees and little results. There are more sellers than buyers so getting an offer on your timeshare could prove nearly impossible.


Donate for a Cause Earns the GuideStar Exchange Seal, Demonstrating Our Commitment to Transparency

The timeshare resale market can be a scary place for people looking to get rid of their unwanted properties. It’s so corrupt that the BBB ranked timeshare resale scams as one of the top ten scams in the country. That’s why all of us at Donate for a Cause always do everything we can to prove our honesty, integrity and reliability.

Our commitment to transparency has not gone unnoticed.  GuideStar awarded us with their official seal of approval this week. If you’re not familiar with GuideStar they are the leading source of information on U.S. nonprofits. Think: the Better Business Bureau of the nonprofit world.

We earned their endorsement after we submitted our last three years of our 990 forms, the IRS financial statements that prove the charitable work we’ve been doing.
“Guide Star is the primary source that donors look to for guidance when making a charitable gift,” says Fred Peck,” an independent consultant who helps nonprofit organizations become more effective; as well as the Chief Financial Officer of Spokane Housing Ventures. “It gives potential donors a whole new level of confidence in Donate for a Cause.”

You can see our GuideStar status for yourself here:

We’re also very proud and excited that one of our donors left a positive comment on the GuideStar site and gave us a five star rating! If you’ve donated a timeshare yourself through us, we would love it if you too would support us by leaving a five star rating and comment on the GuideStar site as well.

Donate for a Cause Earns Guidestar Exchange Seal