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"Thank you . You have taken what is usually an arduous process and made it palatable. I appreciate all of your hard work on my behalf!"

C. Stecklein, 10/25/2013 former Marriott Cypress Harbor Timeshare Owner

"Just a quick note to thank you so very much for all of your help and hard work in connection with our timeshare donation. Everything went smoothly from start to finish and it's good to know that the proceeds are going to a worthy cause."

J. O'Neil, 8/21/2013 former Harborside at Atlantis Timeshare Owner

"I appreciate your help. Thank you for such quick, efficient service. I will highly recommend others in the Bluegreen Yahoo group utilize your services. You were extremely efficient."

D. Milroy 7/25/2013 Former Bluegreen Timeshare Owner

"I just received the final confirmation that our time share was successfully transferred. While we spent a lot of effort researching the legitimacy of your organizations, it was a very big relief to see that it happened. You and your companies did everything you said you would do. We are very grateful to you."

C. & H. Ross, 6/17/2013 former Wyndham Grand Desert Timeshare owners

"I just wanted to let you know that I have received the letter last night confirming that the donation of my Timeshare has gone through and my name has been removed. A big weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I would like to Thank You for all your help with the process and answering whatever questions I had. "

D. Kirby, 4/14/2013 - Former Oak Plantation Resort Timeshare Owner

"Thank you so much Cole for all of your help, great communications, and work to finalize the donation of our timeshare to charity. We will highly recommend you to all we encounter regarding timeshare donations! Our tax preparer said due to the excellent advance paperwork you sent, we were able to save greatly on our taxes this year. We really appreciate all you did for us! "

A. & J. Crouse, 3/14/2013 - Former Wyndham Avenue Plaza Timeshare Owners

"I hope all is well with you. I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how pleased we were with the way everything turned out regarding utilizing Donate for a Cause to eliminate the burden of our 3 timeshare units. I received a substantial tax return in 2011 and was able to carry over an additional $12,000 in deductions on our 2012 tax returns. Please feel free to utilize us as a reference. "

R. Cartonia, 3/07/2013 - Former Diamond Point at Poipu Timeshare Owner

"I wanted to again tell you how much I appreciate your patience with me and your time as well as your knowledge that you have passed on to me in the last few months. This has been an extremely difficult process to weed out who is for real and who is not. I have spoken with several different companies. Many of them asking for a power of attorney which I learned pretty quickly was a red flag... I just want you to know how grateful I am that you have been so kind. "

C. McGee, 2/22/2013 - Former Sedona Summit Timeshare Owner

"We thank you for the excellent service both Resort Closings Inc. and Avery have provided. We have recommended Donate for a Cause to our friends, and will continue to pass the word around. Also, we plan to liquidate at least one more of our five timeshare ownerships in the near future – starting with Starwood’s Broadway Plantation in Myrtle Beach – and will get in touch with Avery regarding that effort. "

D. Hollenbeck, 1/16/2013 - Former Sedona Summit Timeshare Owner

"We were very pleased with Donate for a Cause. We reviewed everything on line we could about them before doing so and were influenced by Clark Howard recommending them. Also, there were so may timeshares for sale that we didn't think we would be successful in selling ours. We had purchased our timeshare over thirty years ago, so had received a great benefit from it. However, we purchased a new one at VA Beach and didn't need two. There was a cost for donating it, but that was tax deductible, as was the appraised value of the timeshare, so we broke even when we considered the savings on our taxes. "

R Snidow, 12/7/2012 - Former Wyndham Vacation Resorts Timeshare Owner

"Today, I received a letter from Wyndham Vacation Resorts informing me that the transfer has occurred and the deed is out of our names (mine and my sister's). Very happy that it is out of our names. Very happy! Thank you for your help in getting this done. "

S Powell, 10/12/2012 - Former Wyndham Vacation Resorts Timeshare Owner

"I would like to offer a testimonial to Resort Closings Inc. and to you for the service you provided us. I offer you this as a reference to other Canadians who are skeptical about the process of "getting rid of a timeshare". The experience of trying to divest ourselves of our unwanted timeshare was excruciating until we dealt with you. Dallas was a charm and provided us with all of our Donate for a Cause options including Resort Closings Inc. Ed thank you for taking care of the closing end and for keeping us updated. "

D & L Fauwcett, 3/18/2012 - Former Timeshare Resort Owners

"I noticed that there is a buyer for my timeshare already. I really appreciate your work and timely response. No matter how much tax benefit we could get from this timeshare donation, I would definitely recommend your organization to my other friends who wants to get rid of the timeshare. I consider myself as a picky customer, but I am satisfied with the whole process we went through with you. "

J. Xinfei, 3/01/2012 - Former Hawaiin Timeshare Owner

"I just want to let you know that I filed our tax return and that it was accepted as submitted by the Feds. So, thank you for your help. It was a frustrating process, dealing with Raintree, but it all came out well. Your outfit does good work. Thanks again! "

W. Deusner, 2/18/2012 - Former Raintree Resort Owner

"Thank you very much for all your help. It went so much better than I ever dreamed of. "

Ron and Carol H. 2/9/2011- Former Diamond Polynesian Isles Resort Owners

"How easy was that? Such a weight off my "financial" shoulders!The company may be great and all...but you two individuals are the best! As a recently retired firefighter/paramedic, it was a pleasure to have observed such a professional approach to the business at hand! Well Done! "

Benjamin J. 2/6/2011- Former Maverick Resort Owner

"Thanks so much and it was a pleasure working with you. You work for and with a good company and people. Not everyone has that opportunity. Take care and God bless."

Paul & Gail B. 1/27/2011- Former Royal Dunes Resort Owners

"I am going to be referring your company onto a few people and I wanted to tell them of my experience and the time frame. You were extremely professional, efficient and easy to work with. Thanks for all you did to expedite our transaction. "

Diana C 1/21/2011-Former Whiski Jack Resort Owner

"I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how impressed I am with the level of service you have provided me during the timeshare donation process. Whenever I have asked for information, you have been very quick to respond and I appreciate that. Thank you again. "

Sue S. 11/29/2010- Former Swallowtail at Sea Pines Resort Owner

"I will write a letter to Timesharing Today describing how great Donate For A Cause and Resort Closings have been to work with. They recently ran an article on the problems with "postcard" offers to take your time share. Donate For A Cause is similar except that it really works.Thanks! "

Bonnie L. 11/17/2010- Former Beach Quarters Resort Owner

"Just wanted to thank you again for all your help. We will definitely recommend you and 'Donate for a Cause' to anyone that is in a similar situation. Your friendly nature and professional demeanor made our experience a great one. Hope you have a Happy Holiday Season. "

Dick and Cindy L. 11/10/2010-Former Orange Lake Resort Owners

"My wife and I are grateful to you and your organization for your help in relieving us of the timeshare commitment and ensuring that a worthwhile cause will receive some benefit from the transaction. Thanks again. "

George R. 11/8/2011- Former Gatlinburg Towne Square Resort Owner

"Thanks so much for your very prompt response to my e-mail! We received all the info. I want to express our gratitude to you and your company for providing us with a way to donate our timeshare as a charitable contribution. This was the easiest thing we have ever done. You are so efficient and professional in the way you conduct your business. You should be very proud of what you do.Thanks again for the successful completion of our sale/donation. "

Shirley & Jeff J. 10/9/2010- Former Sheraton Broadway Plantation Resort Owners

"Thank you very much for your help in processing the donation of my timeshare. It went very well and professionally, I will definitely recommend your organization to anyone interested in donating a timeshare. "

Ignacio G. 10/8/2010- Former Ka’anapali Beach Club Owner

"Just want to thank you for taking care of my donation to DONATE FOR A CAUSE. It was such a smooth transaction and I appreciate the professional manner in which it was handled. I will certainly recommend Donate for a Cause if I know of anyone in a similar situation. "

John A. 10/1/2011-Former Ridge on Sedona Resort Owner

"Thank you for you excellent service and for the documents you sent me. Very useful. Can see that we are moving right along to the finish line. "

Joe G.9/29/2010-Former Port O’Call Resort Owner

"Judy and I want to thank you for all your help and patience in helping us donate/sell our timeshare. We will miss going to Kona, but we just don't have the time these days to go or at least to have to work the timeshare angles to use the place. Plus a good charity gets some money out of the deal.. Seems like a win-win all the way around. "

Jim and Judy P. 9/9/2010-Former Kona Coast Resort Owners

"Thank you and Danielle for your efforts in handling the donation of our time share property.If I run across anyone in a similar situation, I will surely recommend Donate for a Cause."

Norm K. 6/11/2010-Former Wyndham Fairfield Glade Owner

"I have been SO thoroughly impressed with you and your company. This timeshare has been a burden to us for so long. I am so thankful to be relieved of it, and to have been able to donate it for a good cause. Thank you for all your help with this process. "

Anna E. 6/1/2010-Former Grand Pacific Palisades Resort Owner

"Thank you, Danielle, for all your hard work on this. We feel a great burden has been lifted, and at the same time, a charitable donation can be made. "

James H. 5/21/2010-Former Hacienda del Mar Resort Owner

"Received your e-mail confirming the transfer for our Geo property. Thank you so much for verifying this and also for all the work you did for us. It was great to work with you and we so appreciate all your help. "

Judy M. 5/19/2010-Former Geo Holiday Owner

"That is wondeful news! Many thanks - we appreciate all that you and the organization did to get our timeshare donated. We also are grateful for your organization's intergrity and honesty. "

Sharon B. 5/16/2010-Former Westgate Lakes Resort Owner

"I just looked on-line at the status, as I periodically have, and saw that our Bluegreen file was finally closed! Peter and I can't thank all of you (affiliated with Donate for a Cause) enough for your service ~ we will most certainly recommend you to any people we encounter who are desiring to extricate themselves from timeshares! "

Ann and Peter LeBourdais 10/04/2010-Former Bluegreen Points Owners